Lifts & Trails


  • Aerial Tram open
  • Baby Thunder closed
  • Baldy open
  • Chickadee open
  • Gad 2 open
  • Gadzoom open
  • Little Cloud open
  • Mid-Gad closed
  • Mineral Basin open
  • Peruvian open
  • Wilbere open


  • Alta Connection open
  • Baldy closed
  • Blackjack open
  • Bookends closed
  • Cirque Traverse open
  • Knucklehead Traverse open
  • Lower Tiger Tail closed
  • Powder Paradise open
  • Road to Provo open
  • Terrain Park open
  • The Keyhole closed
  • Touring Hidden Peak closed
  • Touring White Pine closed
  • Tunnel open
  • Upper Tiger Tail closed


  • Easiest
  • Moderate
  • More Difficult
  • Very Difficult
  • Expert
Trail Difficulty Open Groomed
Adager Very Difficult Open No
Alice Avenue Easiest Closed No
Anderson's Hill Very Difficult Open Yes
Bananas Moderate Open Yes
Barry Barry Steep Expert Open No
Bass Highway Easiest Open Yes
Bassackwards Moderate Open Yes
Bassanova Moderate Open Yes
Big Emma Easiest Open Yes
Bird's Nest Easiest Open Yes
Black Forest Very Difficult Open No
Black Jack Very Difficult Open No
Black Jack Traverse Very Difficult Open No
Blue By You Very Difficult Closed No
Bluebell Easiest Closed No
Bookends Traverse Very Difficult Open No
Carbonate Very Difficult Open No
Cat Crew Cutoff Moderate Open Yes
Chamonix Bowl Very Difficult Closed No
Chickadee Easiest Open Yes
Chickadee Loop Easiest Open Yes
Chip's Access Moderate Open Yes
Chip's Face Very Difficult Open Yes
Chip's Run Moderate Open Yes
Cirque Traverse Very Difficult Open No
Claim Jumper Easiest Open Yes
Cliff Access Moderate Open Yes
Dalton's Draw Expert Open No
Double Down Very Difficult Open No
Easy Street Easiest Closed No
Election Moderate Open Yes
Exit Gully Expert Open No
Fields of Glory Expert Closed No
Gad 2 Return Very Difficult Open No
Gad Chutes Expert Open No
Gad Gully Very Difficult Open No
Gadzooks Very Difficult Open No
Get Serious 1, 2 & 3 Expert Open No
Great Scott Expert Open No
Gun Towers Very Difficult Closed No
Harper's Ferry Very Difficult Open No
Harper's Ferry East Very Difficult Open Yes
High Baldy Traverse Expert Closed No
High Stakes Very Difficult Open No
Junior's Powder Paradise More Difficult Open Yes
Last Choice Very Difficult Open No
Lazy Susan Very Difficult Closed No
Livin' The Dream Expert Open No
Lone Star Very Difficult Closed No
Lower Backasswards Moderate Open Yes
Lower Cirque Very Difficult Open No
Lower Silver Fox Very Difficult Open No
Lowest Bassackwards Moderate Open Yes
Luckey Boy Easiest Open No
Lunch Run Moderate Open Yes
Lupine Loop Easiest Open Yes
Mach Schnell Expert Open No
Madam Annie's Moderate Open No
Mark Malu Fork More Difficult Open Yes
Middle Cirque Very Difficult Open No
Miner's Road Easiest Open Yes
Nash Flora Lode Very Difficult Closed No
Not Quite Corn Very Difficult Open No
Organ Grinder Very Difficult Open No
Path to Paradise More Difficult Open Yes
Pearly Gates Very Difficult Open No
Phone 3 Shot Very Difficult Open Yes
Primrose Path Very Difficult Open Yes
Red Lens Line Expert Open No
Regulator Johnson Very Difficult Open Yes
Road to Provo More Difficult Open Yes
Rothman Way Moderate Open Yes
Rothman Way Very Difficult Open Yes
S.T.H. Very Difficult Open No
Shireen Very Difficult Open No
Silver Dipper Very Difficult Open Yes
Silver Fox Expert Closed No
Ski School Lane Easiest Open Yes
Thanks for the Memories Expert Open No
The Bookends Expert Closed No
The Keyhole Expert Closed No
Thunder Alley Very Difficult Closed No
Thunder Bowl Expert Closed No
Tiger Tail Very Difficult Closed No
Tiny Tiger Very Difficult Closed No
To Baby Thunder Chair Easiest Closed No
Tricep Very Difficult Open No
Upper Cirque Expert Open No
West 2nd South Easiest Open Yes
West 2nd South Onramp Easiest Open Yes
Westward Ho (From Alta) Very Difficult Closed No
White Diamonds Very Difficult Open Yes
Who Dunnit Moderate Open Yes
Wilbere Bowl Expert Open No
Wilbere Chute Expert Open No
Wilbere Cutoff Moderate Open Yes
Wilbere Ridge Moderate Open Yes
Willows Very Difficult Open No