Bike Utah Midweek MTB Series: Mini Enduro

Utah's Citizen Mountain Bike Series.

Aug 1 2023

The mission of the Mid Week MTB Series is to provide a consistently fun, challenging mountain bike racing experience at venues throughout the state. Our generous sponsors help us keep our entry fees low, keeping our races accessible to racers of all ages and ability levels. We value a positive, community-focused atmosphere over podium presentations and feature a giveaway stacked with sponsor-provided gear on each evening of racing. All proceeds from season passes and race registrations benefit other Bike Utah programs. 

The Mid Week MTB Series offers race events in cross country (XC) and Mini Enduro disciplines. The 2023 Mid Week MTB Series will feature seven XC races, five Mini Enduro races, and two Women’s Mini Enduro races. The five Mini Enduro races comprise their own series, and again riders can compete in one, any, or all of the series. Mini Enduro season passes and individual race registrations are available. The two Women’s Mini Enduro races are unique events, and do not (currently!) belong to any race series. 


Women's Mini Enduro Race

  • Date: Aug 1
  • Location: Gad Valley


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Date & Time
Aug 1 2023
5 pm - 9 pm