Play Forever Wednesdays

Wednesdays are for giving.

Jan 26 2022, Play Forever Wednesdays

On Select Wednesdays this winter, as part of Snowbird's commitment to Play Forever, Snowbird is teaming up with our guests to support local non-profits in a unique giveback program. 

Last February, Snowbird launched its Play Forever giveback program, where $5 of each ticket sold on qualifying Wednesdays is donated to a local non-profit. Over $13,000 was given from just February 17, 2021 to April 20, 2021. This season, we're expanding the program and bringing in even more organizations. Together we can make a difference in our local community.

For each ticket sold, Snowbird will donate $5, guests will have the option to donate an additional amount. Play Forever Wednesday's lift tickets can be purchased online or in-person at the Ticket Office.

This season Snowbird's Play Forever Program will be broken into 3 categories:

  • Participation (January & February): Be a welcome place for all - including youth, diverse populations and adaptive athletes - to participate in the adventure lifestyle.
  • Environment (March): Support organizations that are focused on protecting the environment through sustainability, education and action.
  • Local Relief (April): Provide localized aid to Utah communities in times of need.

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$5 donated to local charities.


Charity of The Week

The Chill Foundation

Founded in 2003, Chill Salt Lake City operates year-round with snowboard, and skateboard programs for youth from 10 to 18 years old who are dealing with various life challenges. The Chill Foundation works with various schools, youth agencies, social programs and boardsports partners to provide these programs with all associated costs covered and barriers to participation removed. They embody the latest Positive Youth Development best practices to ensure participating youth build resiliency through targeted lessons and challenging physical activities.

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Join us for Play It Forward Wednesdays.



  • For any Adult, Senior or Youth Snowbird ticket purchased online or at a ticket window, Snowbird will donate $5 per ticket to the charity of the week.
  • Excluded products: Comp or discounted tickets, Alta-Bird upgrades and lodging package tickets​.
  • Prices will vary based on dates and whether tickets are purchased online or at the window.​



Various Snowbird Locations
Date & Time
Jan 26 2022, Play Forever Wednesdays
9 am - 4 pm