Play It Forward Wednesdays

Wednesdays are for giving.

Apr 21 2021, Play-It-Forward Wednesdays

On select Wednesdays this winter, as part of Snowbird's commitment to Play Forever , Snowbird will team up with local charities to create a unique giveback program.

For each ticket sold, Snowbird will donate $5 of the proceeds to a local charity, guests will have the option to donate an additional amount. Play It Forward Wednesday's lift tickets can be purchased  online or in-person at the Ticket Office. 

Snowbird has partnered with organizations whose focus is to provide support for local relief, on-mountain participation and environmental causes.

  • Local Relief: Provide localized aid to Utah communities in times of need.
  • Participation: Be a welcome place for all - including youth, diverse populations and adaptive athletes - to participate in the adventure lifestyle.
  • Environment: Support organizations that are focused on protecting the environment through sustainability, education and action.

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$5 donated to local charities.


Charity of The Week

Wasatch Graffiti Busters

The Wasatch Graffiti Busters is an organization of members and volunteers around Salt Lake County who work to remove graffiti in the Central Wasatch and other places in Utah including American Fork Canyon, Black Rock, and Suicide Rock for three years. They recently became a nonprofit organization and asked for assistance to fund more graffiti removal projects. The Wasatch Graffiti Busters members and volunteers started 2020 graffiti removal work in April 2020, removing tags from the Cottonwood Canyons. They worked with the Unified Police Department (UPD) Canyon Patrol to both report graffiti tags in the canyons and receive reports of new graffiti tags from UPD officers.

In the past year, Wasatch Graffiti Busters has been able to remove at least 173 graffiti tags from natural surfaces like rocks and have painted over 153 tags from human-made surfaces like pavilion sites and benches. Right now, the WGB is focused on graffiti removal at the B Gate area where people can cross a bridge and vandalize the old pavilion across the street. Scott Whipperman, a founding member or the Wasatch Graffiti Busters, calls this “ground zero” for graffiti in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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Join us for Play It Forward Wednesdays.




  • For any Adult, Senior or Youth Snowbird ticket purchased online or at a ticket window, Snowbird will donate $5 per ticket to the charity of the week.
  • Excluded products: Comp or discounted tickets, Alta-Bird upgrades and lodging package tickets​.
  • Prices will vary based on dates and whether tickets are purchase online or at the window.​



Various Snowbird Locations
Date & Time
Apr 21 2021, Play-It-Forward Wednesdays
9 am - 4 pm