Woodward Peace Park Championships

Snowbird x Woodward.

May 5 2023

The pinnacle of the collaboration is the Woodward Peace Park Championships event at Snowbird, May 2-6, 2023, hosted by Olympian and Woodward snowboarding ambassador, Danny Davis, and featuring some of the world’s best snowboarders.

Cheer On The Pros

"The Beach" located off of Baldy Express will be a mid-mountain spectator area to watch the event with music, giveaways and more. Ride the Woodward Mountain Park alongside the Woodward Peace Park Championships. The Woodward Mountain Park showcases a small-medium park with features for all ages.

Event Details

  • Location: Baldy Express, Mineral Basin
  • Dates: May 2-6
  • Time: 9 am - 3 pm


About The Woodward Peace Park

Born in 2012 from the mind of snowboarding luminary, Danny Davis, the Woodward Peace Park Championships showcase some of the world’s greatest snowboarders in what is regarded as the most progressive terrain park experiment on the planet. Over 3 days of light-hearted competition, snowboarding’s leading women and men will mix it up on astounding and innovative features in pursuit of the coveted Peace Park Axe. The culmination of the Woodward Peace Park Championships is ‘Peace Park for the People Day’ — the final day of the event where the course is opened to the public.



Date & Time
May 5 2023
9 am - 3 pm