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Kids Lessons

The world is their oyster.
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Kids Lessons

Show them the magic of Snowbird.
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Start em' young.

Our specially trained staff will engage your little skier or snowboarder in a world of wonder and fun. Kids group ski lessons of 3 or less utilize our unique indoor and outdoor resources to help each child learn to ski or ride as they explore the mountain on their own terms.

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Chickadees | Age 3 | Skier

Snowbird ski lessons for kids

  • Skill Level: Beginner/Novice Skiers
  • Age: 3 - Children must be willing, fully potty trained and able to use the bathroom independently. No diapers please.
  • Session Times:  9 am - Noon; 1 - 3 pm
  • Check-In: 8:30 am or 12:30 pm
  • Location:  Cottonwood Room, Snowbird Center, Level 2
  • Dates:  Closing April 12 (conditions permitting).
  • Price: Full-Day $235 / Half-Day $190. Includes snacks, indoor supervision and rental equipment. Lunch is only included with full-day program. Lunch is available for half-day session for an additional fee.

Check-In:  Child must be present at these beginner ski lesson times to be scheduled for on-snow times. Space is limited. Please check at the kids ski school by 8:30 am for the morning session and 12:30 pm for afternoon session. Participants who show up after the designated start time may not be able to participate in the program.

On-Snow Times:  Children in full-day lessons will be scheduled for 1-hour of one-on-one instruction in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. Children in half-day sessions will receive 1-hour of one-on-one instruction during their session. These times may be rearranged due to specific needs of children and staff during the day (i.e. naps, snacks, etc.).

Kinderbirds | Ages 4 - 6 | Skiers & Riders

kids ski school lessons in Utah

  • Skill Level: All Levels
  • Age: 4-6 (Kinderbirds accepts 7-year-olds at the beginner and "never-ever" levels)
  • Check-In:  8:30 am
  • Lesson Time: 9:30 am - 3 pm
  • Meeting Location:  Cottonwood Room, Snowbird Center, Level 2
  • Dates:  Closing April 12 (conditions permitting).
  • Price: $235. Includes lift, lesson, lunch and rental equipment if needed.

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