Mountain Scooters

Mountain Scooters are a fun way to enjoy Snowbird's scenic Peruvian Gulch trail, a 3,000-ft. descent along 5.4 miles of gravel road from 11,000-ft. Hidden Peak to the Snowbird Base Area.

Front suspension to soak up bumps
V-Brakes for sure stopping power
Scooter design makes for lower center of gravity and smoother ride
Mountain Scooter Rentals are closed for the Season

Mountain Scooters—


8am-4pm / Mon-Fri

8am-5pm / Sat-Sun

Adult:  $25

Child:  $19

Season Bike Pass:  $125

Winter Passholder (15-16 or 16-17): 20% discount on day or season tickets.

Child age 16 years and younger:  If a participant is younger than 18, a parent or guardian must be present to accept release of liability and waiver.