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🤝  Bringing relief & resources to our community.
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About Play It Forward.

Part of Snowbird and POWDR’s Play Forever corporate responsibility commitment, Play It Forward celebrates and enables actions that support our local mountain community during this time of tremendous need and beyond. There are many ways to Play It Forward – we hope you join us by volunteering, contributing items in need or donating to support those who have been impacted.

Play It Forward Wednesdays

Snowbird is excited to continue its work within the local community through a new, weekly give-back program called Play It Forward Wednesdays. As a part of this initiative, $5 of every ticket sale on qualifying Wednesdays will be donated to a local organization. View our event calendar for upcoming dates.

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Get Involved

We’ve heard incredible stories of ways people are sharing their time and skills to give back. Here are a few of the great examples we’ve seen out of our community.

  1. Giving blood through
  2. Supporting your local food bank 
  3. Checking in on your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers
  4. Finding ways to volunteer virtually through
  5. Making masks and donate supplies in need

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