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Accepting location permissions allows us to provide your current location on the mountain, vertical feet, lifts ridden, etc.

There are 4 different types of notifications, all of which can be turned on or off from the settings page:

  • Snow and Weather - Just a friendly reminder to get out of bed on those big storm days! (We reserve this for the days you definitely don’t want to miss).
  • Resort Operations & Lift Status - On days where lifts may be delayed or closed, we will notify you. This is a good one!
  • Special Offers & Events - Get exclusive in-app details, like discounts on restaurants, lodging, retail and more! We might surprise you, and definitely won’t bombard you.
  • Group Chat - Chat among your group and get notifications when you get a new message.

Your email address is used to log you into the app. This gives you access to your previous ski history (Tram and lifts), days skied and more!

Your email address is also used to send your End of Day email, which provides all our your skiing stats in one concise email.

If you need to reset your password, you MUST click on the reset email link from your mobile device that has the Snowbird app installed on it. Clicking on this link from a desktop computer will not work.

Go to the maps page and click the “Start Tracking” blue button. From here you can select whether you want to track just yourself, or create a group and track them as well. If you create or join a group, you can see your friend’s location on the mountain, difficulty of trails ridden, % of a lifts ridden, and more. You can also chat with them direct in the app, using handy features such as “here”, which is replaced with your current location.

Snowbird parking lots will not open to guests until after avalanche mitigation and the road closure is complete.

Yes! However you must start tracking with a data connection (wifi works too). In fact, this is a good battery saving tip - start your tracking, then turn on airplane mode (making sure your location services are still turned on), and track the rest of your day without using data! When you are done for the day, turn off airplane mode then select the “End My Day” button.

When you have tracking enabled, the app does use your battery. However, contrary to commonly perceived opinions, smartphone batteries have come a long way in recent years and are able to withstand a day of tracking without completely exhausting your battery.

Some Tips on Battery Life

If your phone is constantly going in and out of cell service (from 4g>3g>1g, etc.), this is the major culprit of battery draining.

Insider’s Tip

Start tracking while in cell service (or wi-fi), then put your phone in airplane mode. This will still ensure accurate tracking, without using your cell signal and further battery drain.

This feature is crowd-sourced automatically based on all users tracking with the app. If there aren’t enough people going through to estimate a wait time, the app shows “...” which usually means there’s no wait time!

You can view the Terms and Conditions along with the Privacy Policy for the Snowbird App Here.

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