Spa Renovation

The Cliff Spa has undergone a massive renovation project just in time for the upcoming 2017-18 winter season. The famed outdoor pool and hot tub have been upgraded with sensual surroundings of new radiant heated decks, gas-fed fire pits and expanded communal areas for a serious chill session after an adventurous day on the slopes.

If you require a more hands-on Cliff Spa experience, skiers this winter will be treated with a refreshed ambiance, eucalyptus-infused environments, locally hand-crafted amenities and service offerings tailored to the mountain visitor. The Cliff Spa boutique offers a range of unique high-end and Utah-Only products giving guests the opportunity to take a piece of tranquility home with them.

Renovation Highlights

  • The outdoor pool and hot tub now have a completely new look and feel.
  • The seating capacity is now increased around the outdoor pool and hot tub.
  • Each individual tile on the outdoor pool deck is now equipped with a new radiant heating system.
  • Two new gas fireplace locations have been constructed on the outdoor pool deck. These fireplaces are specifically designed to provide down-canyon and snowbird-mountain views.
  • Each pool tile is beautifully textured to increase the feel by guests.

New Yoga Studio

  • The new Yoga Studio has been redesigned to accommodate 30 people (previous studio had a 20-person capacity).
  • The new studio will have expanded class offerings such as mediations for attending corporate groups, pool mediation for spa guests and yoga performed in the pool on stand-up paddleboards.

New Retail Offerings

  • The new boutique inside The Cliff Spa with locally sourced Utah-specific amenities.

Spa Renovation

Cliff Lodge
Level 9
In-House 4035

6 am - 10 pm, Daily