Waste Reduction

Snowbird's low-energy commitment. 

While Snowbird established a resort-wide recycling program for paper, aluminum, plastic and cardboard throughout the four lodges and the Snowbird Center, we increased our efforts in 2017 to include the rest of the buildings at Snowbird along with glass recycling.

Mountains of glass recycled at Snowbird

Since the start of the glass recycling program in the summer of 2017, Snowbird has recycled 100,000 pounds of glass!

Snowbird Glass Recycling Inititives

Flipping the Switch on Electricity Waste

Snowbird Power Systems' new and improved cogeneration facility produces 90% of the resort’s power in the winter and 100% in the summer. Heat waste from the turbines is used to heat water, which is then piped throughout the resort to heat The Cliff Lodge’s rooms, pools, restaurants and meeting rooms. By recycling our heat waste instead of heating facilities separately, we save the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 60,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

Efforts recently initiated include company-wide replacement of energy-wasting light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs and heater upgrades that significantly reduce electricity consumption. The Snowbird Center lighting project replaced old incandescent bulbs and T12 fluorescent fixtures with new CFLs and premium T8s, cutting power consumption by 67%.

Snowbird implemented motor upgrades and controls for building heaters that reduce electricity consumption by 1,460,500 kilowatt hours per year. Snowbird continues its partnership with Rocky Mountain Power to reduce electrical consumption throughout the resort, and have installed heater controls at the base and top of every lift. Snowbird will continue to find ways to reduce energy consumption as future upgrades are made throughout the resort.