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Snowbird's golden anniversary.

Skiing has changed. A lot. And yet while some things have transformed over time, many have not.

The soul of skiing and riding at Snowbird remains the same: it takes you to the edge, demands commitment and rewards risk-takers. Because Snowbird isn’t about trends. It’s about an attitude and a spirit that can’t be pinned to just a date.


As we reflect back and look forward, join us in a cheers to 50 years and what a long, strange trip it's been.

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This mountain is so much more than its terrain. Snowbird is made up of the generations who have called it home and we thank our skiers and riders for making us who we are.

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Schussing Down Memory Lane

Building the dream of Snowbird. From the kitchen table to the Peruvian Tunnel, hear Kim Smart's first-hand experience of watching The Bird grow up.

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Hellbent On A Dream

How Ted Johnson risked it all to build Snowbird. A story about a hardcore mining town, glamorous ski star and a chance meeting with a millionaire full of highs, lows and uncertainties. That’s part of it. The other part moves along steadfastly, from an orphanage and oppressive cotton field to a determined couple of visionaries.

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What's New for Snowbird’s Golden Anniversary

Snowbird celebrates its 50th anniversary with new products and improvements including Fast Tracks, Wyssen Towers, Snowbird Power Systems and updated parking.

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Our Bird Fam

Chris K.

"My skiing Snowbird began when my father started attending a conference at the bird because I liked to ski. After a few years, he learned to ski at Snowbird. A picture with my father from the late '80s or early '90s. The tradition continues and so here's a picture with my older son on the mountain. And my Snowbird shell is back in style again:-)."

Matthew S.

"Snowbird has been a crucial part of my life. My family's week-long trip has always been the highlight of my years. Going through tough times I always thought only __ days until Snowbird. The natural beauty of the mountain will always have a special spot in my heart. This is a photo of my mom and myself on Chickadee."

Kristi C.

"Mom and Dad have worked up at Snowbird for 45+ years. Jerry and Nancy T. My Momma has worked there since it opened. My Father would come out every season with the Minnesota boys and ski. One season he had one look at my Mom when she was a Snowbird Ski Guide back in the day. He never left Utah. Here is a pic of them as ski instructors in the early '70s. Lol. The funny thing is I married the son of the Ski Coach, Kevin C., who has worked at Snowbird just as long. Love is in the air or powder at The Bird."

Jean H.

"Happy anniversary, Snowbird! My parents taught me how to ski at Snowbird in the 1980s and last year I taught my own children how to ski on those same slopes. Somethings never change - parents yelling "turn! turn!" and "make a wedge!" and hot chocolate breaks at The Birdfeeder."

Brooke M. 

"My best friend asked me to marry him on top of a mountain! I said yes of course. Then tore my ACL/MCL the next day but wasn't even mad because I was so ecstatic to be engaged with the most amazing ring!"

David W.

"In December 2005 I rented a week at the Ironblosam. After my tax return came back in early 2006 I took the whole thing, without running it by my wife, and bought a unit at the Ironblosam. When the paperwork to be signed came from cottonwoodcanyonsrealty I had to come clean. On the way to the bank my wife would not speak to me and once in the car after I got the cashier's check to mail to Heather, she ripped it up! Yes, into little pieces. Needless to say I am pretty persistent and got a new check from the bank and enjoyed the couch for a while. The rest is family history at the bird every year since 2005! Good memories, good fun, good friends and at least one powder dump every year without fail! Thanks for the memories."

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Thanks for the Memories

Because of our loyal passholders, guests and employees, we have 11,000+ reasons to be thankful for our incredible Bird Fam. You've been with us since day one (or better said '71), and over the years, we've shared some of our most cherished moments together. The steep terrain and deep powder may be what visitors flock to, but the heart of Snowbird has grown out of generations of skiers and riders that have called these slopes home for the last 50 years. 

We want to hear about some of your greatest memories at Snowbird, so share a story, a favorite photo or one of your first season passes and we'll be featuring them here along with @snowbird to commemorate the deep snow and even deeper generational bonds of friendship and family that have developed in Little Cottonwood Canyon. We'd be honored to have you share your memories with us.

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