Possible Changes to UTA Ski Bus for 2022-23 Winter Season

Image: Otto Solberg

Author: Snowbird

Published Date: 09/24/2022

Read Time: 2 Minutes

UTA announces potential reductions to its Ski Bus service.

Wednesday, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) announced significant reductions to its Ski Bus service for the 2022-23 winter season. 

Snowbird is very disappointed to learn of UTA's staffing challenges and the impact it will have on this winter's Ski Bus service. Snowbird is working with UTA to find alternative means of transporting employees and guests to the resort, including adding to our current fleet of 22 RideShare vans that will hopefully alleviate some of the challenges caused by this reduction in service.

UTA's plan eliminates route 953 (Midvale Fort Union Station to Snowbird/Alta) and reduces route 994 (Historic Sandy Station to Snowbird/Alta) from 15­- to 30-minute intervals. Snowbird is working with UTA to hopefully reduce the frequency of 953 and not eliminate it altogether and will update you as discussions with UTA continue.

The UTA Ski Bus is scheduled to start running on Sunday, Dec. 11, 2022.

We know this decision directly impacts many of our employees and guests and we are working with UTA to revise this plan with a more accommodating schedule.

You can read more about UTA’s decision here.

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