Where Relaxing Is Just As Important As Skiing

Image: Jay Dash

Author: Jill Adler

Published Date: 04/17/2020

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From its breathtaking views to its incredible spa facilities, The Cliff Spa is ready to take all your stress and worries and melt them away.

The rugged terrain of Snowbird isn’t the only thing that challenges your body. The intense, high-altitude sun and dryer air can also take a toll. At The Cliff Spa, which has been newly remodeled, give yourself a chance to recover. Gone are the pastel walls and oriental carpets that adorned the 28,000 square-foot space when it opened in 1987. After the multi-million dollar renovation in 2010, the ninth and 10th floors of Snowbird’s flagship hotel now visually share the warmth and ambiance of the surrounding Wasatch Mountains.

Mountain Spas in Utah

The lobby, reception area, salon and retail store, men’s and women’s locker rooms, solarium, steam room and the hallways all received a facelift. The golds and soft browns in the paint, tile, and carpet now better reflect their home. Because the focus was primarily on updating the ninth floor, you can expect the same breathtaking views and facilities from the gym, rooftop pool and yoga studio.

The Salt Lake City design firm of Chase Associates oversaw the renovation and worked with green products and environmentally sustainable building techniques. For example, the stone countertops were manufactured locally and the flooring and fabrics utilize post-industrial and post-consumer materials.

Mountain Spas in Utah

Perhaps all you really want is a soak in the eucalyptus steam room to open your pores and nasal passages, increase your circulation and release the toxins from your everyday life. The expanded co-ed facility pumps the essential oil directly through steam pipes at temperatures of 120-130 degrees. Just lie back and feel the lactic acid buildup and soreness evaporate from your muscles.

Mountain Spas in Utah

But settle in for no longer than 15 minutes or the dehydration could accelerate altitude sickness. Snowbird’s base at 7,760’ can produce the same sensations as a hangover so drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids, rest and treat yourself to a High Altitude Relief or the Wasatch Recovery massage. Expert hands knead a special blend of oils into your skin to promote respiration, unwind your body, soothe tension headaches and reduce muscle soreness. 

Cliff Spa Relaxing Mountain Massages

A soak in the rooftop hot tub and morning and afternoon yoga classes will also relieve the stress on your muscles that comes from an active day on the mountain. The Roll and Stretch class is like a self-massage built into the workout that detoxifies the body and gets the blood flowing. 

Cliff Spa Workout and Yoga Classes

Or maybe you’d rather pump real iron in the gym. Icarian workout equipment, free weights, bikes, treadmills, steppers, an elliptical trainer, rowing ergometer and versa-climber are at your disposal. Walk barefoot onto the heated deck to cool off in the 15-meter pool. The water stays a balmy 90 degrees while the hot tub gets up to 108 degrees. 

Cliff Spa Gym

Dry off and wrap yourself in a robe, then take a seat in the solarium if you have time before dinner, skiing or summer activities. Looking out those windows is like taking in an IMAX movie. An extreme IMAX movie. No other place says, “Get me to the spa” like Snowbird. Luckily, there’s one right here. 

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