Restoring the Health of the Great Salt Lake Presentation Recap

Image: Noah Wetzel

Author: Hilary Arens

Published Date: 06/04/2024

Read Time: 4 Minutes

In our third consecutive year of partnering together to bring awareness and education around the Great Salt Lake, Snowbird and The Nature Conservancy co-hosted a special double-feature event at The Cliff Lodge on March 13th, 2024. Tempted once again by science, education and free, fresh coffee, more than 100 people gathered to hear a presentation from the Deputy Great Salt Lake Commissioner, Tim Davis, followed by the premiere of “ The Last Resort,” a documentary examining the Great Salt Lake and its relationship to skiing and life—from human experiences to ecological health—along the Wasatch Front.

As local and national attention on the Great Salt Lake has increased in the last few years, Snowbird feels it is imperative to provide a space for dialogue to raise attention to the health and future of the lake. The Nature Conservancy’s 40-year focus on protecting 11 miles of the eastern shore of Great Salt Lake made it an obvious partner in Snowbird's desire to raise awareness around the challenges the Great Salt Lake faces and ongoing conservation initiatives—such as the enhancement and building of new wetlands, irrigation improvements, invasive plant removal and progressive stormwater management— as well as actionable ways to keep more water in the lake as individuals.


Watch the Presentation

The Nature Conservancy presents Tim Davis, Deputy Great Salt Lake Commissioner, discussing "Restoring the Great Salt Lake"


Watch the Panel

The panel discussion following the film featured Michael Fleischner, Max Malmquist, Kevin Perry, Lynn De Freitas and Snowbird President and General Manager, Dave Fields.



About the Author

Hilary Arens is Snowbird’s Director of Sustainability and Water Resources. She has a Masters in Watershed Science from Colorado State University and worked at the Utah Division of Water Quality as the watershed coordinator for Utah Lake and Jordan River basins. Her focus at Snowbird is to help guide the resort towards reducing carbon emissions and waste to improve water and air quality in Little Cottonwood and American Fork Canyons and to provide education and advocacy opportunities to guests and employees. 

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