A Unique Summer & Fall Picnic Idea: Snowbird Mountain Meals

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Published Date: 09/04/2020

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Looking for some fun summer & fall picnic ideas? Snowbird now offers grab-and-go meals you can take on your favorite hike or just to a grassy hill in the resort.

The mountain is open for the summer and fall! We’re doing our best to maintain social distancing guidelines to keep our visitors safe while enjoying the beautiful scenery Snowbird has to offer. 

We’ve taken particular care at promoting safe dining. Many people are wary of sitting in tight, enclosed places while they eat. We wanted to create an enjoyable experience of taking food to go. So, we’re now excited to offer some of the most delicious grab-and-go meals near you with our new service, Snowbird Mountain Meals! This will spark some amazing summer and autumn picnic ideas for both families and individuals. Take our delicious meals-to-go and enjoy them during a summer or fall picnic as you soak in all the great views with your loved ones.

Snowbird Mountain Meals, picnic grab-and-go

How to Order and Pick Up Your Grab-and-Go Meals

To start your grab-and-go meal experience, visit the Mountain Meals webpage. We have a meal for almost every craving, including Italian, Indian and good old Southern BBQ. From there, you can see the different menus and pricing options for different food quantities. Menu items rotate daily, so be sure to check the website every day of your stay to see what new foods could satisfy your cravings.

Once you (or your family) decide what you want for dinner, it’s time to order. Go to dining.snowbird.com to order your food for the day. Be warned, all orders must be placed between 7 am and 1:30 pm, so plan ahead! After all the orders are in at 1:30 pm, our chefs get to work cooking and preparing your summer or autumn picnic. 

After you’ve completed your order, you can grab your meals at The Atrium between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. From there, you can take your food to wherever your adventurous urges take you.

Grab and Go Summer Picnics

5 Fun Spots to Enjoy Your Summer & Fall Picnic

Now that you have your meal, where should you go? Unsurprisingly, being at Snowbird means there are plenty of places to have a picnic near you. We’d recommend taking your food on a beautiful hike and sitting down to overlook some stunning views as you chow down. It’s hard to go wrong with any of our hikes, but you should check out these 5 unforgettable hikes around Snowbird, Utah!  

But if you’re simply looking to do a leisurely picnic, here are 5 great options:  

1. Observation Deck

Snowbird’s Observation Deck overlooks the ski resort and Little Cottonwood Canyon, offering gorgeous mountain views of tree-lined hills, contrasted against the deep blue sky.

To get to the Observation Deck, you’ll want to take the Observation Point Trail. This half-mile trail is paved and decently flat, making it a great hike for all ages and abilities. Along the way, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and wildlife, including deer and sometimes even moose if you’re lucky! 

The trail starts behind the Snowbird Center. Go inside and head to Level 3, and as a reminder, make sure to wear your mask as you walk through the Snowbird Center! At the back of the building, you’ll find an exit that leads to a large open area with a bridge on the right-hand side. Take that bridge and you’ll be on your way to your picnic destination!

Snowbird Observation Trail Picnic

2. Austin Pond

Austin Pond is the go-to spot for kids’ fishing, but it’s also a cute little area to plop down and have a picnic. The pond is nestled amongst trees and is conveniently located next to the Snowbird Center parking lot, making it a great place to sit down. You could sit in the grass, but benches that look towards the pond are open for your use as well.

If your kids want to try and catch some fish after they eat, you can get a pole rental and a 1-day fishing license from the Snowbird Center. Or if your kids just need to run around and get some energy out, the Forever Young Boundless Playground is just a couple of steps away. 

Austin Pond Summer Picnic location at Snowbird

3. The Chickadee Lawn

Another easy option for picnicking is to set up on the lawn in front of The Cliff Lodge. This area provides a lot of space to spread out and safely practice social distancing, and the rolling hills of grass make for a serene and relaxing environment. Plus, you’ll get a beautiful view of the slopes.

You can drive to The Cliff Lodge parking lot or take Creek Road from the Snowbird Center. To get to the bridge, enter the Snowbird Center and find your way to the back of the building, near the landing for the Chickadee Chairlift. 

Summer Picnics in the Mountains

4. Hidden Peak

Hidden Peak is one of the most visited peaks in all of Utah. It has a trail, but you would be climbing nearly 3,000 feet in 2.5 miles, which may be more intense than what you might anticipate for your pre-picnic exercise. Luckily, Snowbird’s Aerial Tram will take you and the family directly to the peak in just a few minutes.

At the top, you’ll get one of the highest vantage points of Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is a pretty great backdrop to your picnic food. Then, if you want to still get a hike in while you’re at Snowbird, you can take the service road down from Hidden Peak back to Snowbird Center.

To get to the Aerial Tram, head to the northwest corner of the Snowbird Center. Be sure to purchase a Scenic Tram Pass in the Snowbird Center before getting on the Tram, and please wear your mask during the ride.

Best Picnic spots in Utah

5. Creek Road (Gad Valley)

For an easy hike that opens up a world of picnicking possibilities, check out Creek Road. This 1.2-mile trail travels along the base of the canyon, following Little Cottonwood Creek. It connects you to all sorts of groves, grassy hills and rocky terrain. You can also sit down next to the creek and dip your feet to cool off as you settle down for a picnic. 

The paved path has a gradual incline that makes for an easy hike for all levels. You can access the trail from its starting point at The Cliff Lodge, or you can shave off a few hundred feet by starting at the entrance north of the Snowbird Center.

If you’re looking to hike some more after you eat, Creek Road gives easy access to a plethora of other trailheads in the resort, including Miner’s Road, Dean’s Delight and Baby Thunder Trail.

The Perfect Summer and Fall Picnic

With our new grab-and-go meals, you can enjoy the most scenic picnic spots in Utah and the decadent food from Snowbird, while feeling safe during these hard times. During your stay, be sure to check out the other summer activities Snowbird has to offer!

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