Top 5 Videos of the 2020-21 Season at Snowbird

Image: Rob Aseltine

Author: Becks Falk

Published Date: 05/24/2021

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Take a look at Snowbird's top 5 videos of the 2020-21 season.

At the start of Snowbird's 2020-21 season, everyone was ecstatic to be back on skis and at the mountain. From a 60 hour Interlodge that produced 7 feet of powder in 7 days to spring party shredding in jorts and a bikini, this season has been unforgettable. As the season comes to a close, the sentiment and feeling of simply being grateful to be at Snowbird remain, with memories and experiences that have left a lasting impact. Now, relive the fun and check out Snowbird's top 5 videos from the 2020-21 season.

5. Mabel Gets to Work

Beginning in November of the 2020-21 season, Avalanche Rescue Dog Handler and Ski Patroller, Sam, provides insight about Snowbird’s newest dog, Mabel. Even while the snow has yet to arrive and the folks of Salt Lake City are biking, climbing, hiking and paragliding, Snowbird's handlers and Avalanche Rescue Dogs are preparing for the season. Together, with Wasatch Backcountry Rescue, the dogs practice obedience drills such as “run-away,” which trains the pups to find their handlers.


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4. Jonnie Be Our Valentine

Freeskier and Snowbird athlete, Jonnie Merrill, explores some of the best lines on the mountain, blasting through blower pow. Merrill only has one speed, and it is fast. Filmer Kolton Smith follows Merrill down the mountain as he hucks cliffs, front flips and slashes through powder. Merrill shows us all that Valentine’s Day is best spent sliding around the mountain at Snowbird.


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3. Bode, Nils & Amanda Bring the Party

The snow may have been late to the party this season, but it came with force. Snowboarders Bode Merrill, Nils Mindnich and Amanda Hankison take us on a journey through some classic lines at Snowbird in late January. The athletes enter the white room—and subsequently never leave—as they carve their way across the mountain, getting barreled by powder.


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2. Keeping Up With Collinson

After a solid storm, most of us become giddy like a kid in a candy shop. Watching filmer Rob Aseltine follow Snowbird athlete, John Collinson, down the mountain elicits that same effect. The snow is light, poppy, soft and playful. Collinson doesn’t hold back as he glides over ridgelines and through the Aspen trees. He retains his rhythm and smile from the top to the bottom, showing us all how it’s done properly on a powder day.


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1. At Last

The Mothership of storms arrived in mid-February with relentless strength. Folks at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon were Interlodged for a record-breaking—60 hours, watching as the sizable snowflakes continuously fell from the sky. After 3 long days of waiting in patience, followed by Snowbird Ski Patrol and Utah Department of Transportation avalanche mitigation, skiers and snowboarders descended from their hotel rooms and homes to the lifts. Those who were fortunate to ski that day proclaimed it as the best ski day of their lives. Skiers Rian Zetzer, Clare Chapman and Alliy Hansen were three of the lucky ones to experience a “country club” day of skiing at Snowbird. It is no wonder this video ranks first—it’s impossible to only watch it once—as we stare bug-eyed at our screens, living vicariously through these ripping ladies.


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