Top 5 Videos from the Record-Breaking 2022-23 Winter Season to Get You Hyped

Image: Otto Solberg

Author: Sarah Sherman

Published Date: 10/24/2023

Read Time: 3 Minutes

It’s been said countless times before but we’re going to say it at least one more: The 2022-23 winter season was something else. Smashing previous snowfall, road closure and Interlodge records was just the tip of the iceberg of a season that no one will soon forget.

As a ski resort, with great snow comes great responsibility to make content. And make content we did. From powder days to the Woodward Peace Park Championships to even more powder days, it was an exciting winter for our community whether you skied it yourself or watched from afar.

As we count the days until another awesome winter at Snowbird begins, relive the action from the last and schedule that gear tune up you’ve been putting off since last March. You’ll thank us come Opening Day. Here are 5 videos from last season to get you hyped!


5. Born at The Bird

The mountain at Snowbird is legendary, so it makes sense that it breeds legends, too. Follow along on the second installment of our Born at The Bird series, highlighing some of our long-time employees and their families who have been born and raised riding this special place.



4. 700 Inches of Snow

It’s not every year that we hit and then surpass our average annual season snowfall total of 500” in February, but last season it flew by and we found ourselves facing 700” of snow in March. With plenty of early-season snow, there was no shortage of powder days leading up to this exciting season milestone.


3. Snowbird x Woodward Opening Weekend

Just when you think you’ve seen it all at Snowbird, we try something new. Last spring, that something new was the first-ever Snowbird x Woodward spring collaboration, which brought a Woodward Mountain Park—along with plenty of jibs and jumps—to the terrain off Baldy Express. It’s safe to say this experiment was a success, and we’re already looking forward to what this collaboration can evolve into for the coming spring season.


2. Snowbird Lady

It’s something we’ll shout far and wide: Snowbird ladies rip! Follow along as Snowbird athletes Ana Eyssimont, Lila Yeoman, Lauren Samuels and Val Festavan drop cliffs, make dreamy turns and show off the challenging terrain they call home.


1. Record Breaking Season at Snowbird

As we dust off the snow guns, prep the chairlifts and get ready for another winter at Snowbird, reflect on the magic and intensity of last season’s record-breaking 838” of snowfall. Who’s ready for round two?


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