New Pedestrian Bridges

🌉 Connecting the Snowbird Center & The Cliff Lodge.

New Pedestrian Bridges

🌉 Connecting the Snowbird Center & The Cliff Lodge.

Step up to our level.

The new network of two bridges allows for easier access to The Cliff Lodge, Snowbird Center and Lower Village. From the base of the Peruvian Chair, the 70-foot Peruvian Bridge provides direct and easy access to the Aerial Tram.

The Chickadee Bridge covers the entire expanse of lower Chickadee trail. Spanning 491-feet in length, the trestle-style bridge allows for easy foot-traffic along the covered walkway while guests ski underneath.

Project Updates


  • Chickadee Bridge has open-air sides and mostly covered walkways, with the exception of 3 landings where guests can take in our incredible scenery.
  • For snow management, the bridge is equipped with a snowmelt system on the floors and heat trace on the roof drainage system.
  • The structural members of the bridge were fabricated in Lindon, UT. The majority of the steel for this project is American-made.

By The Numbers

  • The Chickadee Bridge consists of 3 smaller sections of bridge, each measuring 100 feet.
  • Each section required an estimated 50,670 pounds of steel and 123,450 pounds of concrete.
  • The total surface of both the Chickadee Bride and the Peruvian Bridge is 5,388 square feet.

Bridges 101 

  • The Skier's Bridge and the new bridges are classified as truss bridges, specifically a Warren truss.
  • This type of design uses interconnecting equilateral triangles to spread out weight on the structure, which effectively manages the forces of compression and tension on the bridge.
  • Truss bridges are one of the oldest types of modern bridges and are known for being strong and economical.