Shipping Info

Incoming Shipments

Due to limited storage space, Snowbird must be notified at least 30 days prior to incoming shipments. Snowbird reserves the right to refuse any shipped goods unless prior arrangements are approved. Please consult with your Conference Service Manager for approval. Arrangements for exhibitors, large parcels or extensive equipment must be made with a local drayage company (see below referrals)

Download Shipping Labels

Recommended Companies

  • JP Display
  • GES Exposition Services
  • Modern Display Services

Registration Materials

Up to 10 registration boxes and packages can be stored free of charge, up to five days before the conference date. A $10 per box or $50 per pallet handling and delivery fee will be applied for shipments exceeding the 10 package limit. These fees will be billed to the group’s Master Account, unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Shipping Requirements

If there are questions about the status of your shipment, you will need the following information: shipping company, bill of lading numbers, departure date, estimated date of arrival, and your account number with the shipping company.

If shipping freight directly, our loading dock hours are Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm. If alternate times are necessary please consult with your Conference Service Manager to make arrangements. The Cliff Lodge loading dock has a maximum ceiling height of 12’ 8”. Additionally, due to the size and location, large tractor/trailers may not be able to access our receiving dock. Please consult with your Conference Service Manager prior to any large shipments.

Return Shipments

The Client will be responsible for box sealing and labeling all return shipments. Snowbird will be happy to assist you with labels and tape; charges may apply for material/s. Snowbird’s Facilities Department will assist with delivering items to the shipping and receiving dock for scheduled pick-ups. Please be sure that all old labels have been removed or blacked out to limit any uncertainty.

It is the responsibility of the Shipper to make arrangements for return shipment with the appropriate shipping company prior to your departure. Please be sure that information regarding your shipping is submitted to your specified Conference Service Manager.

Federal Express

  • Daily pick-up at 2 pm
  • Billing Options: 
    Recipients Federal Express Account Number
    Third Parties Federal Express Account Number
    Individual Credit Card
    Group Master Account

UPS Ground

  • Daily pick-up at 10 am
  • Billing Options:
    UPS Account Number
    Group Master Account
    Call tag from recipients local UPS shipper


Snowbird will not be responsible for lost or damaged goods. Any packages left behind will be held for (5) business days, after which Snowbird will consider these packages abandoned and will dispose of these materials. Please ensure that all out going shipment arrangements have been made prior to departure.