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The new cabins feature a rooftop balcony, floor-to-ceiling windows and glass floor panels.
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Snowbird's newest summer activity lets you race up and take in the view from new heights while preparing for an exciting pendulum swing.
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Snowbird Power System's upgraded facility will provide increased energy efficiency, independence and reliability.
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The construction of the all-new restaurant, SeventyOne, and additional conference space bring a new flavor and experience to The Cliff Lodge.
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As the central hub of Snowbird, the renovations at the Snowbird Center aim to add ease of comfort to your day.
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The new network of two bridges allows for easier access to The Cliff Lodge, Snowbird Center & Lower Village.
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The Summit at Snowbird brings Snowbird's dining experience to new heights. With over 25 years of planning, The Summit facility was completed in 2016 and provides guests with unmatched views.
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