Media Guidelines

Where To Start/When To Come

To arrange for complimentary skiing/snowboarding privileges at Snowbird, please contact Sarah Sherman, Communications Manager, at 801.933.2047  or . Please note, your call or email must be at least 48 hours prior to your arrival. Snowbird does not provide complimentary media tickets during holiday periods.

We Require

  • Purpose of your visit.
  • Description of the story you are working on and the targeted media outlet.
  • Letter of assignment from editor of targeted media outlet.
  • Estimated date and time of your arrival.

You may pick-up your lift pass at any ticket window. Photo identification required.


Thanks in advance for helping us implement our complimentary lift pass policy by following these simple guidelines.

  • Complimentary lift passes will be issued to writers on assignment, on-air radio and TV announcers on assignment, editors directly responsible for publishing Snowbird coverage and photographers on assignment. Sorry, children, spouses and other guests are not included.
  • Complimentary lift passes cannot be issued to other media personnel such as advertising or sales representatives, photographers and engineers not on assignment, as well as all other support staff.
  • Complimentary lift passes will only be issued to freelance photographers or writers on direct assignment from a specific publication. A 48-hour advance notice, in writing, is required from the publication to verify the assignment.

Please Stay In Touch

Should you have follow-up questions or if you need further materials for your project, we’re always glad to help. Finally, we hope that you’ll let us know when your Snowbird-related project runs and supply us with a copy.

What We Can Provide During Your Visit

If you’re a writer, photographer, filmmaker, editor or producer and you’re working on a piece that features Snowbird, we’d like to work with you. Here’s what we can provide:

  • Lift tickets. We hate to say NO, so we do ask that you limit your requests for spouses, friends, children and significant others to only those directly involved in producing the pertinent project.
  • Accommodations. Depending on the time of year, we may be able to provide complimentary or discounted lodging options.
  • Expertise and recommendations. Let us help you coordinate your plans and ideas.

What We Can’t Provide During Your Visit

Snowmobile access. Mountain policy prohibits the use of snowmobiles for filming on open terrain.

Photo & Video

Snowbird has an extensive library of photos and video available for members of the press or media.

Contact Us

Sarah Sherman
Communications Manager