⚡ Dependable and responsible energy is an integral part of what makes Snowbird tick now and in the future.
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Snowbird's low-energy commitment. 

Snowbird is committed to making meaningful reductions in our energy use and finding efficiencies and renewable energy solutions on-site. We are committed to understanding our energy use, tracking it and making significant steps towards using solely renewable energy resources.

Snowbird Powers Up

Since 1986, Snowbird has been the only resort in North America to operate a cogeneration plant. Thanks to Snowbird Power Systems, the new and improved plant will power The Cliff Lodge, Snowbird Center, The Aerial Tram and other chairlifts.

  • Snowbird Power Systems lets Snowbird avoid coal and instead uses natural gas, which emits about 50% less carbon dioxide
  • The carbon dioxide emissions saved by Snowbird Power Systems is the equivalent to removing the emissions of burning over 4 million pounds of coal a year
  • Snowbird Power Systems covers 100% of Snowbird's summer energy needs

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Snowbird power systems

Flipping The Switch

Efforts recently initiated include company-wide replacement of energy-wasting light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs and heater upgrades that significantly reduce electricity consumption. The Snowbird Center lighting project replaced old incandescent bulbs and T12 fluorescent fixtures with new CFLs and premium T8s, cutting power consumption by 67%.

Snowbird implemented motor upgrades and controls for building heaters that reduce electricity consumption by 1,460,500 kilowatt hours per year. Snowbird continues its partnership with Rocky Mountain Power to reduce electrical consumption throughout the resort, and have installed heater controls at the base and top of every lift. Snowbird will continue to find ways to reduce energy consumption as future upgrades are made throughout the resort.

Cleaner & Greener

Snowbird purchased new Tier 3 Caterpillar snowcats that meet California emission standards and we are currently looking at updating future snowcats to meet Tier 4 standards.

Snowbird added electric vehicle charging stations in 2018 to promote cleaner transportation through the canyon. Snowbird's new charging stations provide the largest electric charging capacity of any resort in Utah.

Play Forever Donations 

The Snowbird Play Forever Fund was created to provide funding in support of our community successfully navigating challenging times and continuing to thrive for generations to come.

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