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🌄 Our commitment to protect the environment and support our community.
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Want to keep skiing and snowboarding? Us too.

" Climate in Utah is changing rapidly.  We need to take deliberate action now. "
— Dave Fields, President and General Manager 

Snowbird's Play Forever initiative recognizes that the health of both our environment and local community is vital to the future of our mountain and the sports we love. That's why Snowbird is taking real action. By challenging our employees and guests to do their part, we intend to make a difference. From internal changes, organizing clean-ups, forging new partnerships, supporting local organizations, increasing education and more, there is work to be done.


Pounds of compost diverted from landfills since March 2021


Less carbon dioxide emission than coal thanks to Snowbird Power Systems


Pounds of glass recycled since the start of the glass recycling program in 2017


Donated to the Utah Food Bank to alleviate the impacts of COVID-19


Trees planted on behalf of POWDR Passholders

Every day, every season, Snowbird is making measurable improvements to our operations by reducing our waste and carbon emissions and improving air and water quality. We share our mission to Play Forever with everyone who comes more alive in the mountains or while at play and hope to encourage and educate others so they can make meaningful changes too.

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Snowbird is an awarded industry leader, setting the standard for environmental stewardship, education and advocacy. In 2016, we welcomed the first Director of Sustainability to our management team ensuring we practice what we preach.

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Snowbird's Play Forever

We believe there is nothing better for the soul than to live a balanced life full of adventure, and we believe those in the future should have the same opportunities we have today. To make this happen, Snowbird is committed to doing all we can to protect the environment and support our community.


Through our Play Forever commitment, Snowbird holistically invests in environmental sustainability projects, participates in scientific research, and proactively advocates for policy change to help create a more resilient world.


Snowbird supports our communities through financial and in-kind contributions. We also prioritize direct engagement activities within our local community and around our interconnected world.

Play Forever Donations

As part of our Play Forever commitment, we are proud to provide financial support to organizations that align with the areas of priority outlined here, with a particular focus on those operating in our local region. Requesting organizations must be classified as 501(c)3 non-profits and not be affiliated with a religious or political cause.

Due to the large volume of donation and grant requests received, all requests must be made through this platform to be considered. Unfortunately, not all requests will be able to be fulfilled. Please submit your request at least 60 days prior to your event or any other deadlines. 

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Snowbird is proud to work alongside all of POWDR’s adventure lifestyle brands on our commitment to Play Forever. Together, we believe a holistic approach to community and environmental ecosystems is our best path to creating a more sustainable future. 

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