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🤝  Snowbird's Play Forever Fund is our way of giving back and making a difference.
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Investing in our future.

Play Forever celebrates and enables actions that support our local mountain community during this time of tremendous need and beyond. There are many ways to Play Forever – we hope you join us by volunteering, contributing items in need or donating to support those who have been impacted.

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Play Forever Fund

The Snowbird Forever Fund was created to provide funding in support of our community successfully navigating challenging times and continuing to thrive for generations to come. Snowbird’s Play Forever Fund was established with a gift from our owner John Cumming, his brother David and the Cumming Foundation. Locally, the fund works in partnership with the Park City Community Foundation, and all donations are directed to local non-profit organizations that are providing direct community assistance.

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Snowbird tree planting with nonprofit grants and nonprofit donations

What You Can Do

We’ve heard incredible stories of ways people are sharing their time and skills to give back. Here are a few of the great examples we’ve seen out of our community.

  • Giving blood through
  • Supporting your local food bank 
  • Checking in on your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers
  • Finding ways to volunteer virtually through
  • Donate supplies in need
  • Be conscious of your energy use—our regular monthly power curtailments have shown us just how much power we can lose to devices that are not even in use. Turn off lights when you leave a room and turn off/unplug unused devices
  • Reduce your reliance on single-use items—use reusable water bottles, coffee mugs and utensils whenever possible.  Recycling is good, but eliminating single-use items altogether is much better
  • Buy local—it’s good for the community, your health and the environment
  • Take The Bus or carpool—it saves money, wear and tear on vehicles, and reduces CO2 emissions

Play Forever Donation Requests

As part of our Play Forever commitment, we are proud to provide in-kind donations to our community. We focus our charitable giving on three primary causes -- local relief, participation and the environment – in our Utah community. Requesting organizations must be classified as 501c3 non-profits and not be affiliated with a religious or political cause.

Due to the large volume of donation and grant requests submitted to Snowbird, all requests must be made online. Please submit your request at least 60 days prior to your event.

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