Play Forever Wednesdays

💰  $5 donated to local charities throughout the winter season.
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Wednesday are for giving.

Snowbird is excited to continue its work within the local community through our weekly give-back program called Play Forever Wednesdays. As a part of this initiative, $5 of every ticket sale on qualifying Wednesdays will be donated to a local organization. Last season, Snowbird donated over $43,000 to local non-profits through Play Forever Wednesday. 

This season, we're expanding the program and bringing in even more organizations. Together we can make a difference in our local community.

Play Forever Wednesday lift tickets can be purchased online or in-person at the Ticket Office.

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$5 donated to local charities.

This season, Snowbird's Play Forever Wednesdays program will be broken into 3 categories: participation, environment and local relief. For more information on the non-profits we've selected, visit our Events Calendar

Participation (Dec. & Jan.)

Non-profits creating a welcoming and inclusive place for all to participate in the adventure lifestyle. 

Environment (Feb. & Mar.)

Non-profits focused on protecting the environment through sustainability, education and action.

Local Relief (Mar. & Apr.)

Non-profits providing localized aid to Utah communities in times of need. 

Events Calendar


  • For any Adult, Senior or Youth Snowbird ticket purchased online or at a ticket window, Snowbird will donate $5 per ticket to the non-profit of the week.
  • Excluded Products: Complimentary or promotional tickets, Alta-Bird upgrades and lodging package tickets​.
  • Prices will vary based on dates and whether tickets are purchased online or at the window.

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