CoGeneration Plant Upgrades

🔋 Snowbird's updated Cogen Plant adds increased reliability & energy independence.

Snowbird powers up.

Snowbird's CoGeneration (Co-Gen) Plant is getting an upgrade! Rebuilding and relocating the Co-Gen plant will bring more efficient and reliable energy to Snowbird.

Cogen Infographic

The Previous Plant

Snowbird's original Co-Gen plant started running in October of 1986 and is the only existing Co-Gen facility at a ski resort in North America. The facility was acknowledged as a world-renowned engineering feat.

The Co-Gen plant takes waste-heat given off by electricity producing engines and uses that heat to warm the building and water at The Cliff Lodge. The current Co-Gen plant offsets the majority of the power needs for The Cliff Lodge along with the east village.

New & Improved

The new and improved Co-Gen plant will cover nearly all of the energy needs of the entire resort including The Cliff Lodge, Snowbird Center, The Aerial Tram and the other chairlifts.

The new Co-Gen plant will reduce Snowbird's dependency on the traditional electrical grid, meaning that Snowbird will be almost entirely energy independent, more efficient and coal free.

Project Highlights

  • The new Co-Gen plant will generate 270% more power
  • 71% of Snowbird's electrical usage will be covered even on peak resort days
  • The current plant will be relocated and built without sacrificing Snowbird parking spots, and out of the way of the guests' experience
  • It is the most integrated project at Snowbird since The Summit on Hidden Peak
  • The updated Co-Gen plant will include rooftop solar panels


  • The new plant will greatly decrease Snowbird's coal dependency
  • All of The Cliff Lodge's room and water heating needs will be produced by waste-heat produced by Co-Gen
  • All engines, generators and all other major components are American made

By The Numbers

  • Upgrading the plant increases the plant's energy production by 270%
  • The energy-saving equivalent of 775,000 average Utah homes per year
  • The new facility will be 8,700 square feet
  • 79.8% reduction of total emissions