Zip to the top before the drop.

Climb to the top of the wall (or sit back, relax and get a lift), take in the view from new heights and prepare for the pendulum swing.

The ZipWhipper® combines the fun of a rock climbing wall with the thrill of a breathtaking free-fall. Climbers have 20 seconds to try and beat the clock and make it to the top. The ZipWhipper will then carry them the rest of the way up before swinging them out for a heart-pounding, backward-swinging, drop. It's not over yet, just as you begin to relax, there's 1 final 10-foot drop to cap off Snowbird's newest summer activity.

Note: Summer Activities will be weekends only (Friday - Sunday) through September. Fall Activities will run Saturdays & Sundays only starting October 1 through October 16.

Participants must at least 7 years old and be between 45 - 78 inches tall. Participants must weigh between 50 - 260 pounds and the safety harness and helmet must fit properly. Closed-toed shoes are required. 

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All activities, lift openings, terrain access and hours of operation are conditions permitting and may change at any time.



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