The Zipwhipper

🎢. Snowbird's newest summer activity.

The ZipWhipper

🎢 Snowbird's newest summer activity.

Zip to the top before the drop.

Join us for the 2022 summer season to experience the ZipWhipper®, which combines the fun of a rock climbing wall with the thrill of a breathtaking free-fall. Here's the deal: Climbers have 20 seconds to try to beat the clock and make it to the top. The ZipWhipper will then carry the participant the rest of the way up before swinging them out for a backward-swinging drop. If that does not get your heart rate up enough, there is more! Just as you begin to relax, there's one final 10-foot drop to cap off Snowbird's newest summer activity. Will you dare to give it a try?

ZipWhipper Stats​

  • Towering over 55 feet tall, once at the top, the ZipWhipper will launch you into a pendulum free-fall away from the wall. 
  • Just as the swings are shortening and the participants begin to relax, the ZipWhipper drops them 10 feet for one last rush of excitement. 
  • The ZipWhipper will give you a full 75 seconds of pure adrenaline. There is no better way to kick off a family vacation than laughter and screams of enjoyment!