Terms & Conditions

Know before you buy.

Know before you buy.

General Terms & Conditions

  •  Fraudulent use of a pass or violation of mountain policy may result in prosecution and/or loss of lift privileges with no compensation. 

Installment Payment & Credit
Card Billing Agreement

You, the purchaser (the “Purchaser”) are purchasing the pass product(s) (“Product”) from Snowbird Resort (“Resort”) with the understanding and agreement that the Resort is authorized to charge your debit or credit card (“Card”) for the purchase price in installments. By signing this Installment Payment and Credit Card Billing Agreement ( “Agreement”), you authorize the Resort to charge your designated Card for the Product(s) on an installment basis and you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Charges for the Product will be paid in installments and its privileges and benefits are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  2. Purchaser agrees to pay the first installment fee at time of purchase.  All subsequent installment fees will be charged as outlined in this Agreement. The Card that you provide may subsequently be charged: i) up to five (5) additional times, and/or ii) for any outstanding account balance.

  3. Purchaser guarantees payment to Resort for the Product via charges to Purchaser’s Card on file and acknowledges that Resort will charge the Card on file for the Product. No gift cards or credits will be valid for Product payments, and this Agreement cannot be cancelled by Purchaser prior to the completion of all installment payments.

  4. Purchaser acknowledges that a signature will not be required for charges made to the Card and that it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to pay all Card charges, including instances in which a signature is not captured. The Resort will not be required to ask for identification for charges made to the Card, including for any direct access charges. Purchaser agrees that Resort will assume the person accepting charges with the Card has the authority to do so, and purchaser is solely responsible for all charges.

  5. In the case of a declined charge, all Product privileges, including pass privileges, associated with the Card will be temporarily suspended until any outstanding amount(s) have been collected.  At the sole discretion of the Resort, Product privileges may be revoked permanently for multiple declined charges. A revocation of Product privileges as a result of multiple declined charges does not relieve Purchaser from their obligation to make Product installment payments. 

  6. Purchaser acknowledges that it is their responsibility to notify Resort of any Card changes including, but not limited to, credit card numbers, expiration dates and names of the credit card holder(s) (additions or deletions).  Changes can be made by accessing the Resort’s online portal available at pass.snowbird.com/customer/customerpaymentplans, or by calling 801.933.2215.

  7. Purchaser agrees that Resort can pursue all avenues of collection, including the use of collection agencies, to recover all charges and any other unpaid amounts due. Purchaser shall be responsible for all costs, commissions, charges, fees and expenses incurred in collecting amounts due under this Agreement, including reasonable legal fees, resulting from failure to pay such amounts when they are due.

  8. Purchaser may terminate this Agreement only in writing by mail or email by mailing or emailing, as applicable, a termination request to the following mailing address or email address: tickets@snowbird.com or Snowbird Ticket Office, 9385 S Snowbird Center Dr, Snowbird UT, 84092. Purchaser is responsible for any charges applied prior to the termination of this Agreement. Purchaser shall be responsible for all charges on a claimed lost or stolen card until the card holder notifies Resort to terminate this Agreement as required in the Agreement.

Season Pass Office

Snowbird Center
Level 3
10:30 am - 5 pm, Daily