Parking at Snowbird

Snowbird has 2,800 parking spots. Of these, 175 are dedicated to Preferred Parking passholders. The main lot, Gad Valley lots, Entry 1 lots, rest of the Bypass Road are open and free.

Snowbird is increasing its commitment to employee shuttles this season with twice as many UTA Ride Share vans as last year and putting in place a new employee transportation program that will be announced soon. Last season, Snowbird began restricting employee parking in the Main and Lower Gad Valley lots to provide the best parking for guests. Snowbird provides free UTA ski bus rides to and from Snowbird for all season passholders and employees.

We are working hard and making long term commitments to getting vehicles off the highway and out of the parking lots. We have created products for those who wish to have parking but are also making efforts to ensure that those who don’t wish to pay for parking also have a convenient place to park their vehicle.

To purchase a Preferred Parking Pass, call 801.933.2215.

Parking Maps