Community Guidelines

Snowbird Online Community Guidelines

Our community–both on and off the mountain–is one that is deeply passionate about experiencing all that Snowbird and the mountains have to offer. We care for each other and the environment, and seek to bring people together so we may all enjoy the outdoors for generations to come. To better serve the Snowbird community, we maintain accounts on several social media platforms. These accounts allow for discussion on topics related to Snowbird and the surrounding community. While we welcome those with different viewpoints and encourage healthy online discourse, our social media accounts are monitored and engagement may be limited in accordance to the guidelines listed below.
To maintain an online community that fosters community, provides clarity, encourages thoughtful and respectful engagement and enhances the mountain experience, Snowbird reserves the right to hide, delete or disallow comments that contain:

  • Abusive language or imagery including vulgarity, profanity, slurs, or innuendo;
  • Personal attacks or doxing of any kind;
  • Threats of violence, vandalism, or any other criminal activity;
  • Links to any site that is not;
  • Suggestions or encouragement of illegal activity;
  • Multiple off-topic posts by a single user or several posts copied and pasted by multiple users;
  • Spam of any kind;
  • Business ideas or proposals;
  • Political discussion or unsanctioned support for a candidate or legislation; or
  • Promotion or endorsement of commercial services, products, or entities.

The Snowbird community is one that is, at its best, focused on positivity and building a welcoming atmosphere. Any individuals that are found to be in repeated violation of these policies may be banned, blocked or prohibited from participating on our social media channels.   

Comments posted on Snowbird’s social media platforms and resulting engagements across those platforms are those of the author and/or engager and do not reflect the views of Snowbird.
If you need assistance and require a response from Snowbird, you may email
Under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, persons under the age of 13 years old are not allowed to submit questions or comments.