25th Annual Survivors at the Summit (Virtual)

Show us your summit.

Aug 1 2020

Due to COVID-19, the event will not be held in 2020. Alternatively, we challenge you to #ShowUsYourSummit! COVID-19 has affected all, but cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones are experiencing the extreme challenge of not receiving care, even life saving treatments because the risk of getting COVID-19 with a compromised immune system is too great. Our patients need support now more than ever.


We challenge you!

#ShowUsYourSummit is a community challenge that provides funding for Survivor Wellness to save lives. Participation is a simple.

To begin, make a donation for a tether of Survivors at the Summit flags


The Challenge: Show us a summit with the tribute flags representing a challenge or breakthrough in you or your loved one's journey. Your summit may be the peak at Snowbird Resort, but it may also be getting out of bed today. Celebrate the progress of your journey or build a team to sponsor a tether for a loved one. Flags are $300 for a tether of 10. Flags are left blank to write messages to the loved one. Tribute Tethers are available HERE.


Tethers will be mailed to the address specified within 3 business days. Practice mindfulness and meditate on what journey you or your loved one are currently on and what the summit is. Remember - when your tether arrives you only have 24 hours to respond, so be ready. 


When your tether arrives, post a video or image of your summit and flags in social media tagging at least five other friends challenging them to #ShowUsYourSummit. Be sure to let those challenged know that they only have 24 Hours to respond. Tag @survivor_wellness so we can see the view from your summit!


Every 30 seconds someone is diagnosed with cancer. 40% of Utahns will face a diagnosis in their lifetime. This disease can strike anyone at any time. 

Survivor Wellness extends loving arms to those struggling with the physical pain and isolation that comes with disease trauma. We have provided nearly 5000 free clinical visits over the past three years to those who cannot afford care.

Find more information, email to kate@survivorwellness.org.




Date & Time
Aug 1 2020
8 am - 5 pm